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Choose the wedding venue as per your needs - Kalyan Mantap vs. Resort vs. Wedding Venue - Which one?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Well, there are multiple options.

There are Kalyan Mantapas (Choultry), Convention Centres, Resorts and Wedding Venues. How do you choose the right venue for your wedding ? Each have their own advantages and dis-advantages, comparing them below to give you a better idea.

A. Kalyan Mantap (Choultry) or Convention center

Pros: usually inside the city, hence accessible for everyone, especially by BMTC city bus services. Covered hall, hence weather proof. Tried and tested, and usually the parents are very keen for this option.

Cons: Decor & overall setup is usually boring since almost every wedding looks similar. Therefore very limited options for wedding photography. Parking might be an issue since space is an challenge inside Bangalore city.

B. Resorts that give out for weddings

Pros: You can do outdoor, as well as indoor setups. Usually have lots of rooms, hence suitable for destination weddings.

Cons: usually need to go with in-house vendors, and food is mostly not good. Privacy issues, due to Other guests & events in the venue. All resorts might not be suitable for weddings. Also resorts are usually outside the city and best suited if all your guests are staying at the resort. Difficult to convince the parents, especially for South Indian weddings.

C. Wedding venues

Pros: exclusivity since other guests & events will not be there. It’s like doing in your own place. facilities are custom-made for weddings, multiple & personalisable decor & food options to give unique experience to guests. beautiful candid as well as traditional photographs.

Cons: unlike a typical resort, wedding venues might not have leisure facilities like in-house restaurants, games, children play area, swimming pool, etc and they will have limited accommodation unlike a lodging hotel.

- The Peacock Grove : Contact us for the best wedding venue in Bangalore, for traditional south indian weddings, in a outdoor green natural setting with covered areas and modern amenities. Close to airport and Bengaluru city

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