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How to choose the right vendors for your wedding ?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

In a typical South Indian wedding, In addition to the venue, you will need many service provider vendors to make your special day happen.

Rule of thumb when it comes to wedding service vendors - reliability is more important than lowest cost. Always go with someone who has a history to deliver the promised service and on-time. It is an industry norm to over-promise and under-deliver, therefore do not fall for it. Specifically catering, decoration, photography, and makeup. I would not recommend to compromise.

Catering - everything to do with food. Typical south-Indian weddings, food is the central pillar of the wedding. We once had a family who booked the venue only after their “family caterer” approved it. Most families have a tried and tested family caterer, and it is always best to go with them. But make sure to make them visit the venue to understand the facilities & limitations before the D-day, so that they are well planned. If you are going with a new caterer, always try the food & their "service style" before deciding. Taste of food is a very personal thing. What I like, you might hate, and vice-versa. It is always recommended to check it in another similar style wedding, even if it is not in the same venue, to get a more realistic 1st hand experience. Most good caterers not only serve delicious food, but can handle drastic variations in expected guest count reasonably well. Failure to have the right estimate of expected guests is very common in weddings. The more seasoned caterers always have a plan-B. Pro-tip : check out how well they are managing the kitchen ( behind screens) to get a better understanding of the caterer, especially the hygiene of the food. You don't want everyone to fall sick after the wedding.

Decoration - everything to do with the mantap setup, flowers, backdrops, lighting, music, seating, etc. they literally add the iceing on the cake when it comes to the wedding venue. Always go with someone who can use the natural elements that is existing in the venue, as the base, and then add the minimalist elements to make the venue look even better for your special day. It is heart-wrenching to see someone spend money on decor where the end result makes the venue look bad. LOL :-)

Always recommend to go with vendors who work regularly at the venue. Replicating a design is not that difficult, but not knowing how to pull off that design in that location might prove very expensive.

Photography - the guys who help capture those sweet memories that last for ever. Every photographer has a signature style. Make sure your preference matches their style. They are creative guys and will not change their style to suit your needs, therefore go with the guys whom you like. The best photographers know how to capture your candid moments in a natural way without having to pose or having to intrude into the wedding flow. Also the secret sauce is in the editing room where they have to go over tons of pics to pick the right ones & give it subtle touches for that perfect instagrammable pic. One thing to pay extra attention while choosing the right photographer is the delivery timelines. Avoid the super busy ones so that you can see your marriage video when it is still fresh.

Makeup - Of-course, you need to look and feel your best on your special day. Again, our recommendation is to match your preference with the MUA's signature style. Also you need to be super comfortable with that person. Make sure you to a sample make-up before the D-day.

Wedding Planner or Event Planner - You can also go with a wedding planner who can be the single point person to take care of all the services under 1 roof. Especially recommended if you or your family is not based out of Bangalore. Typically Indian weddings is a "family" affair, and there is a close family like an uncle or aunt or a cousin, who can be your proxy for everything related to the wedding. If you are missing someone like that you can depend on, it makes sense to outsource some part of it, if not everything, to a planner.

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