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Creating Unforgettable Memories

The Peacock Grove Farms is a 2 acre nursery farm, located in Bangalore and is an ideal destination for celebrating traditional south-indian weddings set amongst a rustic and natural landscape. 

It is right next to a 300 acre protected peacock forest and hence on lucky days you can hear and sometimes even sight these magnificent birds in full glory, especially when it rains.

Though we are located in the more-peaceful and greener part of the city, it is easily accessible from across Bangalore. It is 30mins from the Hebbal Flyover, and 45mins to the Airport. 

This is a sanctum that our families have nurtured with love and cherished over the decades. We are positive that you will cherish it and take away unforgettable memories for your special day.

Swananda & Anupam

+91 9980560488

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